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Originally Posted by Fenixpunk
you should be able to find a nice guitar for 700, id shop around though, thats alot of cash to dish out on the first one you see.
like i said before, that was the first time i went to the shop and that was the one i liked. but i am planning on shopping around

Originally Posted by PerFeCTioNThrUSileNCe
and yes, i am planning on checking out other guitars. that was only my first trip where i was seriously looking. and that was the guitar i liked the most. it had exceptional playability. ill keep posting links to other guitars i find so i can get your opinion.
as for satchmo's question, i have checked out a tele. the lead guitarist in my band has one. is pretty nice. i suppose i could check out a few at the shop next time i go. i think im makin another trip over this weekend if not sooner.
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