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I don't use to listen to flamenco music, but they say the best singer (or, at least, one of the best) was Camarón de la Isla. I've recently heard that his recordings are being remastered. Flamenco experts say he had an exceptional voice, but it can't be fully appreciated in some recordings from the 70's. So now they are improving the sound quality.

Originally Posted by jeckwillson View Post
I like to hear different types of music and the best is salsa.........
I don't use to listen to salsa either, but I know it was very popular in Spain about 20-15 years ago. I remember Dominican Juan Luis Guerra.

Coming back to pop and rock, I've thought that maybe you are interested in the most recent stuff. The current production is not as good as that from the 80's and early 90's. However, there are some nice things. Some of my favorites:

Nena Daconte (actually is a duo). Have become famous for Idiota and En qué estrella estará ("In Which Star Could He Be"):

The lyrics of the second one (translation here) are about a young who suffers a miscarriage, and the moan for her lost baby. It's a short but intense song.

Amaral (a duo too) is one of the present most known bands. Two of their hits (translations here and here):

Pereza (a duo once again, but in this case both members are guys). Pop-rock. I like their guitar sound:

(Princesas' translation here)

El Canto del Loco is currently one of the most succesful bands. Although in general they're not so good to me, I think they have a few notable songs, like these two.

"Lullabies for adults / crossed by the years / carry the flower of disappointment / tattooed in their gloomy melodies."

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