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Originally Posted by lucifer_sam View Post
Thanks for the nods guys, I'll try not to disappoint you with the rest.

And mr dave, I'm familiar with SIANspheric from my brother but I don't think they really come across as a core influence on shoegaze, they weren't even active until the mid-nineties. Not to shoot you down or anything, I'll try and wrangle a link somewhere.
it's all good and i agree they're not so much an influence on the creation of the style so much as group that kept it alive when all the others seemed to fall by the wayside while never getting the kind of recognition their peers enjoyed. just where you mentionned giving a nod to less recognized groups instead of just MBV, Ride, etc i was hoping these guys would get a little light shone their way.

digging the Cocteau Twins stuff quite a bit too, they're one of those groups i was always supposed to check out but anytime i combined the 80s with the word Twins my head came up with Thompson and i just ran the hell away. it's nice to hear a vocalist really using her voice instead of being relegated to being little more than a whisper hidden in the mix.
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I type whicked fast,
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