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Originally Posted by wickedlk View Post
It depends what you want from the album:

For an album experience I like to listen to the mixed compilation as everything flows a bit better without the long intros and outros that are the staple of most trance songs.

However, (because I'm fussy) I like to have unmixed tracks too so I can cherry pick and make up my own playlists.

It's all down to personal choice but if I really had to choose one it would be unmixed because of the flexibility of playlists and knowing what track is playing at any given time.
Originally Posted by CanwllCorfe View Post
It all depends! If you like hearing mixes then go for it. I don't though because if I wanna skip a song, the next one starts abruptly. I like the original songs where I can experience the progression. Not everyone has the patience to listen to the full song when, since they're meant to be mixed, they all start very basic and end very basic.

EDIT: LOL I guess you can tell we're both seasoned trance fans
I feel the same way. I have alot of mixed compilations. The songs are phenomenal, but the thing that pisses me off ALOT about them is that I can't skip songs smoothly, unless I memorise every single time a song starts, only bad thing

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