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Originally Posted by tore View Post
I think a possible reason they're not mentioned much here is perhaps because they're a "daddy band", the sort of music fathers listen to which may not have appearant appeal to young people. That's my hypothesis at least which also explains the lack of discussions/mentions on Dire Straits on these boards ..
I think you are completely right about this. Even their name sounds like something my dad would listen to (and not in a good way). That doesn't mean I myself haven't been curious about them...I really have absolutely no experience with this band. I'm looking forward to this!

And I agree with Big3, I always enjoy seeing new stayers. Even in my short time here, it's amazing how fast people come and go. I think it gets intimidating for a lot of people since the regulars know so much about music. But that may just be my inflated ego when it comes to music related stuff. Maybe we are all just really boring...
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