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Originally Posted by pourmeanother View Post
Well, that's awesome to have even had a shot at the bigger leagues, and it makes for a great story now in hindsight! I'm with you though. Never had the false illusion that I was, or am, an amazing footballer or anything- always have just played for the fun of it. However, I am at least quite a bit better than most of those others who are playing "for the fun of it"- so it boosts my ego somewhat stewing around in these recreational leagues
Well, it helps eh. I only ever play in goal on the rare occasion I get swayed to joining some mates in a kickaround these days - I just love all the throwing yourself around that goes with it! Trying to go pro's pretty much a mug's game though. Goes without saying that anyone's chances of making it in the sport are slim at best. Plus I much prefer what I've been doing as a vocation ever since the trial, ie making any old crap up and hoping eventually someone pays me for it (or creative writing as some people call it).
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