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Originally Posted by Vinh View Post
Ha yeah, I can't imagine Nevermind would work that well under those circumstances.

Pink Moon -- which seems to always be shrugged off as "depressing" -- is an album I can come back to regardless of mood and the message it conveys seems to change with every listen which is why I'd choose it. The two bookends really display this dynamic as "pink moon gonna get ye all" might seem sobering to some, but then there's From The Morning, a song I find quite uplifting in its tenderness and cautious hope.
I love Nevermind and listen to it still but come Lithium "YEEEEEEAH EH EH YEAH" I think I'd lose the will to live, given the circumstances of being on an Island facing death.

Pink Moon would just be perfect I think. It's an album I've only recently got into, I heard Nick Drake a while back and didn't really appreciate him and then when I revised him I listened to Pink Moon and I was wow'd by it. I never thought it had a depressing tone running through it even though "pink moon gonna get you call" = death(?) but I just found it relaxing, although that said some records that are "relaxing" it can just be a bunch of songs that don't have any identity, they just mash together and it's nice and relaxing but you don't want to listen to it if you don't want to relax. Pink Moon you can listen to in any mood. Really glad I found it.
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