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Default Daughters - s/t (2010)

1. The Virgin
2. The First Supper
3. The Hit
4. The Theatre Goer
5. Our Queens (One is Many, Many are One)
6. The Dead Singer
7. Sweet Georgia Brown
8. The Unattractive, Portable Head

Alexis Marshall – vocals
Jon Syverson – drums
Nicholas Andrew Sadler – guitars
Samual M. Walker – bass

Released by Hydra Head records

I like this album especially when I’m drunk.

That’s not to say that it’s not a well put together album with true appeal – it is. I mean that it takes a certain amount of angry looseness to get into this music. Alcohol does that for me. I think it also does that for Marshall because on this recording he definitely sounds loose and angry .. or loosely angry at least.

This is music made by and for recent grown-ups who are well used to alcohol and the demands of the underground music scene. The best thing about this album is that it reminds me of the Ramones. The way that every element of the music always faces forward and stays up front, staggering forward the whole time without any use for tension-breaking slowdowns.

I don’t pay attention to this band’s scene so I don’t know how they rate there. But I am aware of the shift in Daughters’ sound on this album and I am wizened enough to appreciate it. I read that the singer doesn’t like this album (and Daughters disbanded?) because he was under the influence of alcohol and other societal pressures when he made it. Those things made him stop screaming. I like it mellow so this album is another reason to appreciate alcohol and strife.

Hydra Head continues to release quality material after so many years of underground goodness. To me this album is proof that the label can grow old and retain good taste. And now let’s bow our heads and pray that the singer finds the strength to get clean of his chemical addictions. Fuck it, at least we have this album.

The Hit
Like an arrow,
I was only passing through.
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