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The Third Rail - Id Music


1 Run Run Run
2 The Ballad of General Humpty
3 Is Mister Peters Coming
4 The Swinger
5 Jack Rabbit
6 Boppa Do Down Down
7 From a Parachute
8 The Invisible Man
9 No Return
10 Deam Street
11 Overdose of Love
12 She Ain't No Choir Girl
13 It's Time to Say Goodbye
14 The Shape of Things to Come

Most Cellar Dwellers will know of The Third Rail for the inclusion of their minor hit from 1967, Run Run Run, on the marvellous Nuggets compilation. The single itself reached the dizzy heights of number 53 in the US Billboard Chart, not too bad considering how unpatriotic the lyrical content appears to be. The Third Rail themselves were not a standard band, a slightly manufactured three piece who never really toured, who can only claim one album and a few unremarkable single releases during their time as a band. However as three individuals away from the band, they can claim credit for a few noteworthy musical moments during their careers.

The Third Rail were husband and wife team Artie and Kris Resnick (Artie incidentally co-wrote Under The Boardwalk), and teenage prodigy Joey Levine, who was actually still in High School when recording this only LP. All three would go on to play integral parts within the Bubblegum Rock movement, however in 1967 they found themselves together recording an album.

Originally released on Epic in 1967, and now available on Rev-Ola, Id Music remains to this day an album which is very underrated indeed. Containing lyrical content that would make Barry McGuire sit up and take note, whilst musically fixed in a framework of easy on the ears warped Psychedelic Pop and the odd classical arrangement, this album is not bad at all.

The opening and stand out track on the album is obviously the hit single that The Third Rail is predominantly remembered for amongst us Cellar Dwellers. It should be said that the inclusion of Run Run Run on Nuggets is slightly at odds with the rest of the songs found on that particular compilation. Stalwarts of the US Garage and Psyche scene of the 1960s like The Electric Prunes and The Chocolate Watchband really do not stylistically compare well to this song and what else can be found on Id Music. That of course is no criticism of the song itself; itís just not strictly a Garage Psyche effort.

Instead Run Run Run is a clever dose of political satire mixed with catchy hooks and good humour. The amazing thing (and it should be said depressing thing too) about this song from 1967 is that it is still very applicable for todayís society 40 years on.

Run Run Run, despite its merits, should not distract you dear reader from the other glorious songs which can be found on this album. Songs like Jack Rabbit are fine examples of underground sixties pop; ticking all the boxes for what is actually just a good pop song which is just lacking the publicity it craves.

Another good song which meets the criteria as a good sixties pop song is Boppa Do Down Down which incidentally was the follow up single to Run Run Run back in í67. The best pop song though on this album must easily go to Overdose of Love, which judging by the lyrical standards set throughout the rest of the album, must surely have a darker meaning than it initially appears to have.

But aside from the pop, this album is still a hive for excellent material of a US Ray Daviesesque social commentary nature. My favourite song on this album is actually track number nine, Invisible Man, the music and structure of this song is truly world class, with Levine giving an exceptionally sweet vocal performance.

Id Music by The Third Rail remains one of the great undiscovered gems of the 1960ís. This album has been unquestionably polished to the highest standards possible, which despite being a massive drawback to other albums and bands, here is countered by a real feeling of honesty and craftsmanship running throughout. Easily a must have for any Cellar Dweller, this album is seriously pleasant and rather marvellous, a pop album which you certainly won't feel dirty for owning.
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