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Originally Posted by loose_lips_sink_ships View Post
I'm planning on buying a trumpet soon... any advice as to what model and brand I should buy and also tips on how to start playing?
Loose lips, I've been musing recently about buying a trumpet (and tonight's the night, actually), and so I dug up this old thread to share an amusing comment I read about purchasing silver-plated student trumpets, which otherwise would be laquered brass and look like the brass instruments they actually are:


The silver adds about $75 - $120 to the price, but is worth it because the horns maintain their appearance and value better, certainly smell (that's right--smell--I don't know why) better, and, again, in my opinion, play slightly better. Some professional players prefer the lacquer horns, suggesting that the sound is "warmer." But that doesn't matter anyway, since nearly all high school trumpet players would rather appear in public with their parents all in swimwear than play a lacquered trumpet.

I know that most high school kids would rather play a silver plated Happy Meal toy than a lacquered brass pro quality horn, slaves to fashion that they are, but for those who are more interested in the sound, terrific buys can be found in lacquered brass horns.
They are often $200 less than their silver plated counterparts.
"High school trumpet players would rather appear in public with their parents all in swimwear than play a lacquered (brass-colored) trumpet!" Heh heh. I think this is probably true. I remember in high school band how we all noticed when the best trumpet player got a SILVER trumpet, the first one in the band. We knew he was good then.

I mock this. But even I'm tempted to get a silver-plated one! The Barrington BRG101 Series Student Bb Trumpet. So, did you ever get your trumpet, and was it difficult to learn to play?
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