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Well, I got my Barrington BRG101 Series Student Bb Trumpet in the mail, and I am now wondering approximately how long it will take my lips to get strong enough to get a good, in-tune note on the trumpet, assuming I practice 20 minutes a day.

I have been practicing my embouchure...holding my lips as if I were saying "mmmm," pinching the corners of my mouth together in a little smile, and sputtering my lips, kind of like I'm spitting out a hair...using just my mouthpiece to get different kazoo-like notes, using tonguing to separate them. For some reason, I find I like to do the Rocky theme!

When I actually attach the mouthpiece to the trumpet, I can get trumpet-sounds, but the notes aren't in tune yet...they seem to be a few notes sharp from where they are supposed to be. I'm hoping this will improve as my lips get stronger. Any trumpet players out there who know? Is what I'm experiencing normal? I've watched a few online free trumpet tutorials but haven't seen this issue mentioned yet.
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