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A digression to recommend some recent music:

* Vacazul (Spain). These songs are: Vuelo ("I Fly") and Chico listo ("Smart Boy").

♫ "(...)
Vuelo.......I fly
Vuelo y caigo entre tus besos.....I fly and fall on your kisses
(...)" ♫

* Los Hi-Hats (Argentina) and Los Daniels (Mexico):

* I already talked about Mürfila in other thread (here and here), but many may have not read it. I love Mürfila (and I'm a proud amateur translator of some of her songs ). Cute girl and, in my eyes, a very talented musician too. Two albums published and all the songs are good (which is not usual in the last decade in the Spanish-language music). Moreover in a wide range of styles. I like how sometimes she changes her voice in a song, e.g. from a childlike or naive tone to a louder and strong rock-singer voice (besides, spicy or even sexually explicit). Her very last works are not published yet (I mean physically, on a cd), but some of them are already on the Internet. The Great Sensation (translation here) is a kind of homage to the rock idols from her generation's early youth, such as Kurt Cobain:

* Nudozurdo (Spain). In my opinion a very good band, and one of the most original I've recently heard in Spanish. Dreamy music and clever lyrics:

Listen to these too (click): Ha sido divertido ("It's Been Fun"), Negativo ("Negative"), El hijo de Dios ("The Son of God"), Ganar o perder ("To Win or To Lose"), Ido ("Absent-minded").

"Lullabies for adults / crossed by the years / carry the flower of disappointment / tattooed in their gloomy melodies."

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