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Originally Posted by adidasss View Post
Lets try and dig to the bottom of this issue.
Roblem #1: In the U.S. a lot of gay men in the 70s didn't use condoms while "digging to the bottom," shall we say, and so HIV infection rates were very high in the gay male population...higher than in the general public. Sadly, a lot of fine people died, and I think the general public then blamed gay men for HIV, when in fact HIV had been (and continues to be) a predominantly heterosexual disease in Africa where the virus originated.

Roblem #2: Same-sex couples probably have a higher chance of having the same first name, so that could be confusing! One of my closest friends in college and his significant other had the same name. I thought it was cute, but strangers calling them on the phone might ask for "Don," and then find out that wasn't the Don they wanted. Yes. A Very Troubling Problem, that.

Roblem #3: I think people often feel sexuality is clear-cut--hetero, homo, bi, etc., and ignore the gray zones among this black and white thinking. If you are classified as "homosexual," I think people probably define you more by the sexual side of your being than all the other sides, which I would find frustrating. No one refers to me as "my hetero friend Erica." Of course, I don't consider myself hetero, so that may be one reason why!
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