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the problem with homosexuality is that it runs counter to the only real method of survival for the species.

you can paint it up any other way you want but ultimately homosexual relationships are means to an end rather than means to a future (at least from anything besides an emotional perspective).

they can scream all they want about their 'love' and how it's just as 'real' as the love felt in hetero couples but the point continues to be missed. a life long love shouldn't be about satisfying the immediate individuals, it should be about establishing a love that will survive beyond themselves, to combine themselves within another being that will carry and live out their love throughout their own existence. it's physically, biologically, and genetically impossible for homosexuals to do this.

i don't mean this as any form of disrespect to adidass or any other homosexuals here. i've struggled with the idea myself at various times in the past too. once i had made sense of the preceeding paragraph to myself it made it a lot easier to realize that i was alone because i wasn't interested in shallow or promiscuous relationships, not because of gender issues. again, nothing against homosexuals, but in my experience i've also noticed a SIGNIFICANT increase in promiscuity and basic indecency and intimate disrespect within the g4y community. a lot around here (especially young ones) seem to take the idea that since they can't make babies as a green card for slutting out hardcore.
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