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I kinda view American and British music as equally awesome for different reasons / bands... In the early nineties, American music totally owned it, but as the decade rolled on British bands took over as the general quality of music from the US kinda declined, but there were great bands springing up all over the UK...

Nowadays, to be honest it makes little difference where the band emerges, due to the free distribution patterns online, regional audiences seem to be less important, although I think they still play s fairly major role.

My personal preference is for Australian music, because, well, although I live in the US now, that's where i was born and grew up, and I someday wish to return there. There will always be a big place in my heart because of the subject matter, local style, and well the experiences they evoke when i listen to them.

But I guess the strongest point I can make here is that awesome music crops up anywhere in the world, and the location where it comes from is less important, because there is so much exposure and blending of styles these days... it's a truly exciting time, actually, because the musical community isw so broadened and opened to blending sounds, we could see any number of immeasurably great bands emerging... especially since some of the old industry practices are being eroded away...

I guess i just wanna encourage people to think broader than "my country's music is best"...
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