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This is the only Yes album I've heard, and it's pretty damn awesome. Only thing I don't like about it is the particularly spazzy intro to the title track... aside from that it's all good.

EDIT: Also, can remember a particularly funny story my dad told me - this came out when my dad was still in school, and apparently one of the kids had heard this song and thought the lyrics were the most incredible form of poetry, and decided to read out the whole thing, in it's entirety, at some social club meet or something of that sort... with all the repetitions of 'I get up, I get down'.... spoken word :P

Weird thing is, I hadn't heard anything about it being a concept album (as admittedly, I havn't looked into the background of this album that much) but my dad was under the impression that the lyrics were basically just made up out of nothing, apparently from some interview he read or something.
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