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Originally Posted by VEGANGELICA View Post
Heh heh...yes, I did, Amandria. So much for guessing one's child's tastes! He authorized me to report that he disliked A Long Flight "more than heck." I asked him what kind of music he likes, and he bellowed, "ROCK MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"...and he told me to use lots of exclamation points...YEAH! (He's here right now editing what I write!)

I just said he could conclude this post with his own comment by picking a smiley. Unfortunately, since I'm the one typing this, he chose:

Aww haha, what a charmer, Erica.
Let him know that Wintersleep can be considered rock!
And that it's a very good song.
Tell him that I frowned and I almost cried, I really thought he'd like the song!
Originally Posted by Sansa Stark View Post
I'm down with Jesus, in that case.

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