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idk what's wrong with you freaks, I fart rainbows. ****in noobs

That being said, I don't think people are getting there's a difference between being unhappy sometimes and genuine depression. Also, it's not always that easy at all to get medicated for it. Of course people have said they pass out prescriptions like ****ing candy, but often they're the wrong ones. People should be more informed about what's going on in their ****ing heads, and what they put in their bodies. Even if you have access to treatment, it's hard to even push yourself to get it. Who knows what will work? Why bother? With a mental illness, you obviously don't have the mindset to get help for YOURSELF. I know I sure as **** couldn't, I had to be pushed to do it. With so many people claiming to have this or that these days, it's hard to get properly ****ing diagnosed as well.

People with mental illness aren't weak layabouts. They're people who got dealt ****ty brain chemicals. You can't just tell someone who's genuinely going through a depression HAY MAN LIFT SUM WEIGHTS, EAT SUM SPINACH because that's going to do piss all for them.

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