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Originally Posted by Freebase Dali View Post
I think it pretty much boils down to certain "contributing" members taking advantage of the fact that we actually don't like banning contributing members. But if we didn't draw a line in the sand somewhere, this place would be a war-zone.
What you probably don't realize is we give people EXCESSIVE opportunities to shape up and we find ourselves constantly warning certain people and getting absolutely nowhere. Most often, we allow these members to return to the site after a period of time, but if it becomes clear that they have no intention of following some very easy-to-understand, basic rules that actually serve a purpose for the greater good of the community, then it's their fault.

Contributing is important, yes... but when you're disrupting as much as you're contributing, and are always doing it, the solution is obvious. People around here have a tendency to get dragged into it and it affects everyone.
could you PM me some examples or post them here? i really don't get how some harsh comments hurt the forum.
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