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Originally Posted by Schizotypic View Post
Will someone please show me why Dubstep is so popular and post a decent mix. =/
Schizo, I learned about Dubstep through MusicBanter, and I must say that I really love some of the songs because of the pulsing anger, the exciting viciousness, the heavy, sinister, ominous feeling of looming disaster, and the wild abandon of them. They feel like something is being destroyed.

Okay, I realize I must sound like a psycho killer now, but that may be nothing new!

I guess the songs appeal to the gleeful pessimist in me. I'll look through my old posts about Dubstep and see if I can scrounge up a few songs that I especially like so you can hear what I like about them.

I'm sure some of the electronica gurus on here (like Freebase) can make a great mix. I'd like to hear it, too!
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