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Smile Just starting, NEED HELP!

Hello, I am new to this forum, in case you haven't looked at my post count, and I am going out today or soon, in the hopes of getting a new guitar. By new, I mean my first guitar, and by guitar, I mean cheap acoustic thing to learn on. Unfortunately I am seriously underfunded and have little more than $120. Even more unfortunate, $75 of that is for Best Buy. This doesn't bother me, since Best Buy stocks acoustic instruments, but I still have NO idea where to start. My question, could you rate this guitar as good or bad for a TOTAL newbie? If anything is negative about it, what should I get instead? I know, I have limited resources, but I really just want something to start with.

IDEALLY, I want something that I can play OLD Jimmy Eat World songs on, which are closer to punk (but a lot of them would sound good acoustic and slower I think). Anything from Smashing Pumpkins, Armor for Sleep, or even Nirvana would be awesome . I don't want "optimal" sound or anything, like I said, I just want to have SOMETHING that can play those songs, but I know very little about guitars and don't know how selective they are.

If you managed to read ALL that (or not), here are the specs:

Maestro by Gibson - 6-String Full-Size Acoustic Guitar
Full-size body
Black-finished spruce top with mahogany back and sides for full, deep bass and midrange tones
Steel strings for bright tone and easy playability
Rosewood fingerboard for solid feel and easy playing
Die-cast tuning machines for stability and accurate tuning
Guitar strap, picks, extra strings and DVD included

Not concerned about the DVD, I plan on using youtube and internet tutorials a lot anyways (and of course this site!) but I guess it could help. Sound good?

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