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Originally Posted by Unknown Soldier View Post
Out of interest, how do you compare Phish to the Grateful Dead as a jam band?
Aside from their being another band in the jam genre, I really don't see them as being the same thing at all musically.

Phish are about the live show, and the social vibe of the fanbase and the lot scene prior to shows apparently recalls the fans of The Grateful Dead. I suppose also that Phish's taping policy was greatly influenced by them.

Musically, the guys in Phish all respect GD completely and really owe a lot to them for paving the way with the scene. They're also just as strongly influenced by Zappa, The Talking Heads, The Beatles, and any number of other bands.

I really just see them as their own thing musically. I won't compare them to GD in the same way that I won't compare The Disco Biscuits to Phish. Three different eras of jam altogether.
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