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This is the third week in a row for some kind of folk music. I guess this time it's meant to be more traditional. From all over the world? If so, I'll post some Balkan folk.

'Marijo deli bela kumrijo' is an old Serbian song that has been performed in many ways, this time by a great Pavle Aksentijevic with a band Zapis in a very traditional manner. Beautiful song.

Ansambl Renesans is a Serbian music collective formed in the 60's that uses historical instruments for performing music from the oldest written to the baroque, European and Eastern, including what is known of Byzantine music. But they also perform traditional Balkan folk. 'Skomraška igra (Jugglers'Play)' is an old Serbian dance performed here as it was meant to sound like in Middle Ages. Oj ha!

This thread gives me another reason to post this beautiful song 'Nine Iron Doors' from a great Macedonian band Anastasia. It's on their soundtrack album for the film Before the Rain.

A virtuoso violinist Lajkó Félix and a Hungarian singer Magdolna Rúzsa performing a traditional Hungarian song 'Még azt mondják' with a modern improvisational touch. Yeah!

And of course Boban Marković Orkestar, the most famous Serbian brass band that won numerous prizes at the Guča trumpet festival and is pretty well known internationally thanks to Emir Kusturica's films mainly.
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