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I studied autism as a specialist to my teaching degree and there is no direct correlation between childhood vaccinations and autism at all. Autism continues to be a condition that baffles medical experts/ parents/ individuals and every few years there is a new trend of blame to try and figure out how autism occurs. There is definitely no DIRECT correlation, there may be some kind of vague link in some research but it is not enough to draw conclusions.

In fact, in the more current studies, research has shown that children with ASDs have often had less exposure to to thimerosal-containing vaccines than the children in the studies who did not have an ASD. And I can tell you that the last twenty extensive studies have found absolute no correlation between childhood vaccinations and autism. I can provide a link to the research if you're interested (as I did a case study on some children involved).

However, strong evidence does suggest links between genetics and autism. It's a classic case of people trying to prevent autism by suggesting that it is environmental factors that contribute to it, rather than genetics (something you cannot really prevent).
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