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Originally Posted by jr.
Forgive me for poking my nose in, but I own over a dozen SRV cds. I have to say, all his cds bring a different ambience. It would be impossible to pick just one as my favorite.

That being said, if you want the true essence of what SRV is all about, listen to him live. His "Live at Carnegie Hall" is simply masterful. The sound leaves a bit to be desired, simply because Carnegie Hall was built for acoustic music, not electric.

For a more intimate setting, pick up Albert King w/ Stevie Ray Vaughan "In Session". It's just the two of them and a few studio musicians, and a couple of mikes. The raw sound of pure blues is almost too much for the human mind to comprehend. LOL.

In addition to those two live ones, I also own "Live Alive, and a bootleg "Rockin' on the River", recorded in a riverboat casino.

On a side note, everyone has that one musician that simply reaches in further than any other. The one that speaks directly to you. Stevie Ray was that one for me. It will be 15 years next month since SRV was killed, and I still get a lump every once in a while thinking about the loss he was to the blues community. Sappy, I know, but hey, the guy spoke to me with his guitar.
thanks for that dude....

i think ill pick up "sky is crying" first, but i doubt that will be the only album i pick up by him so ill probably get one of your recommendations after that...

also, in regards to the earlier posts about clapton, is this just his solo stuff not including his efforts with Cream?
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