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wasting my youth online
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This is me.

When I joined this forum, all I listened to was Green Day, I was in transition mode from purity crusader churchie to Hot Toppicore Poseur, and I was fresh out of the psych ward.

Y'all taught me how to form coherent sentences and gave me decent taste. Almost everything I listen to now is because of youtube links posted on this forum. I remember somebody posted a Big Black song in some random General Music Thread and I just freaked out about it. I didn't know music like that existed. I decided that every other song I'd heard up to that point was crap.

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SoI will probably annoy the crap out of you, but you will get used to it. I'm not going away. I am a tumor, only chemo won't cure me. I'm here forEVER, so DEAL.
Almost two years ago and this hasn't really changed.
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