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Originally Posted by jackhammer View Post
Wow he has changed a lot from the album I have (What We Must) which was a little less frenetic rhythmically although this track did have some of the Jazz elements of that album.

Not sure really. Didn't blow me away as those fractured IDM beats seem to be everywhere these days. 5/10
actually it's the other way around, Animal Chin was from 2 albums prior to What We Must (it's on A Livingroom Hush - 2001). as odd as this may sound i found WWM to be VERY reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine's Loveless. there's just something about the thickness of the production. but yeah, i can't stand the broken glitch beats anymore either, i just love the melody and the visuals of the clip. i laughed so hard the first time i saw the band stampeding on screen hehehe

@Stone Birds - i wasn't really looking for factual accuracy, i heard the song, i thought Radiohead. sucks that the originator was overshadowed. it's hard to deny the similarities though.


as for Tyondai Braxton's Jackpot - starts of interesting enough, reminds me of Nobukazu Takemura, wondering what direction the vocal manipulations will take. thinking this should have been 2 separate tracks for the most part. when it's over all i can say is there was piano at the start and nothing really stood out. 6/10

speaking of Takemura this track was later remixed by Aphex Twin but still stands as one of my favourites. i much prefer his jazzy style over the glitchy direction he took in the early 2000s.

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