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Wink Hello. I saw you. I know you, I knew you

Alright peeps. I'm Badlittlekitten, named after my band. I'm 25 ,tall, mixed raced dashing young man from London. I thought I'd join cos its nice to chat about music and stuff when there's nothing else to do, and that might be quite often as I'm currently unemployed. Interests -football / soccer(is this board predominately American?), women, reading, wildlife and err. . .wrestling. Oh yeah I don't mind music either.

I was about ten when I first started taking music seriously and this coincided with the mostly awful Britpop thing. I liked Oasis, but Blur were the band that literally changed my life. Since then taste buds have evolved - I'm open to pretty much any music, especially Alternative/Indie, Hip hop, funk and roots reggae. Lately I've mostly been digging My Bloody Valentine, Ariel Pink, Can, Gregory Issacs (rip), Judee Sill, The Slits (rip two time), Beatles, The Zombies, Hendrix and others.

I shall look forward to boring you with how i think The Immaculate Collection is one of the greatest albums ever, and kicking up a balmy with my opinion that Nirvana are merely good

In all seriousness, hello and thanks for having me.
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