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Exclamation lost


Lost in herself

She could not find a way out.

All the lies she told, people she’d hurt.

No one could help her now.

Screaming, crying,

She pulled the knife out from under the pillow

She pleaded for help but no one, no one could save her

Not now, not after all that had happened.

She tried to run but it held her back

She tried to forget all that happened

She tried to be different

But something held her back

She was always the quiet one,

The innocent one, the happy one

On the outside

But on the inside just a lost girl

Trying to find her way out.

She pulled the knife out from under the pillow

And all was lost.

All was lost so she ran

She ran back, back to the life she had once abused

The life she hated.

But she lived it again

She brought more pain to herself

She had to,

To be noticed. To be loved

By someone, something she had always wanted

Always dreamed of, always reached out to

But could never catch.

This girl is lost, She needs a home

She pulled the knife out from under the pillow,

She screamed then found her home

This girl is dying

She has so much love but so much hate

She needs to get out she needs to find herself.

She tried to get help from hurting,

Hurting herself.

She thought it was the only way,

But she realised all she needed was someone,

Someone to hold her someone to love her,

She could not find anyone,

And it brought pain,

It brought tears to her eyes,

It brought her death…

(hi this is just a poem/song i wrote in one of my classes)
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