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You glowed ten shades brighter than the rest of the crowd across the dancefloor!
I stood against the mirror with stroh rum in my hand
Under the strobe lights I became hypnotised by you
and the look in your eyes told me you've had all the men you ever wanted to have

Didn't think i'd feel such a rush as your breath dampened the nape of my neck
But I was surprised when your kiss turned to a bite
You tasted my blood and then you fed me your night

Your touch is static lust tingling on my skin, through my bones
You make me feel alive for the night but when the sun came up, the high had already gone down
I can tell you're a predator, you always fight and you always win!
With just one touch of your lips, you'd already infected my head!

You tasted my blood and then you fed me your night!
Now i'm fading away all of my light
And your poisoned red wine spilt over my shirt, spreading stains that could never be erased!
And before my lustful eyes you shed your human form
You're a liftetime of hurt...

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