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Originally Posted by Unchained Ballad View Post
But then you won't be searching for a human being, like your friends and neighbours. You'll be delving into the world of a mythical entity of some sort, something above all that's human.
Well, say someone is dead, like Vivaldi. I can still enjoy learning about him as a person to understand more about his inspirations and thoughts behind his music, very much wishing I could search for the human being he no longer is. But learning about him from a distance is all I can do, since he's dead.

For me, learning about a musician isn't an attempt to create a mythical entity but to find the human under the hype.

And I very much like to learn about living musicians...people who are friends or acquaintances...and see how their lives influence their music. That's why I'm one of the biggest fans, if not the biggest, of the Songwriter Section here on MB. I always try to encourage musicians I know, especially when their music moves me. Whether a person is famous (yet) or not makes no difference to me, UB.
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