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Arrow Red vs Blue

Seriously guys. Has anyone heard (or seen... or maybe even smelt) of Red vs Blue. If you guys don't know what it is than click here ( It's the funniest damn thing on the internet (besides a few people here... which I will leave unnamed.) If someone would watch it... they would then understand about 40% of my rambles ('cause they come from RvB.)

The other 60% though... is my own ramble...ness...
So we agree to the terms?...
Okay... we'll send over the prisoner once your part of the deal is up...
Get on with it Grif...
I would just like to admit... that I suck...
And that I'm a girl...
What else?
And I like ribbons in my hair... and I want to kiss all the boys...
This might be the greatest surrender of all time.

So let go
Mmm, jump in
Oh well whatcha waiting for
It's alright
'Cuz there's beauty
In the breakdown
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