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Post Uncharted

just another room I'll never enter
another star I'll never reach
One more kiss left untasted
uncharted territory

what I feel and what I I wish for
can never be real, can't be right
Just when i've given up on the memories
there you are, the perfect picture of what I’ll never have

*I really do want to get lost and sink further into fantasy
let myself fall backwards and believe i'll land in the arms of angels
but i'v been here before
I know how it ends. I know I’ll lose.

*It didn't feel right to be happy in your arms when
you're not mine
And i'm not yours
I know I don't really love you
i'm just in love with the idea that maybe some day I could
And it's not like I wouldn't give you my hand and run so far away from here
But you understand it the same way that I do
What do we do when real life finds us?
Would you still hold my hand?
Would I still hold yours?

*There's a place that I see when I shut my eyes
I really wish I could take you there...
You'd like the way love grows there...
It grows without strain
Exists without pain...
*Hearts are never empty...
dreams are always real.
Love is without penalty
but with our eyes always open, we spend eternity
always wanting to feel the grounds of the uncharted territory

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