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Default Fake face

*Hey guys! This is the very first poem I wrote so don't laugh if it sounds too lame... Lol I was pretty young. Here goes...*

I woke up this morning without my face
I looked at the mirror, frozen in one place
Suddenly all my secrets poured out
Finally I saw what my life's all about

After a while put my face back on
It helps to make believe I am strong

As I enter the gates of school
I begin to feel like an outnumbered fool
Hands from all around push me to the ground
There goes another blemish to my fake crown

So I get home and curse my reflection
All I see are my imperfections
And I stand in that lonely place
Tears race down my fake face

I reach for the blade inside my drawer
And throw myself down in a pile on the floor
As I dig the blade into my bruised skin
The world slows down and i'm punished for the day
Tonight i'll let my tears run free when morning comes they'll hide again behind the smile of my fake face
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