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Originally Posted by Goblin Tears View Post
Good rapper...been listening to Pink Friday and it's pretty good. Your Love is actually one of the weakest tracks on it...
Which ones do you like the most?
I haven't decided yet, I like some mostly for the beat like "Did it on'em" That song makes me want to go clubbing.
And "I'm The Best" has a cool message in some of the verses but I'm not feeling it really.
"Fly," "Moment for Life," and "Roman's Revenge" are all really good, probably because there's so much diversity with the artists.
"Save Me" is great, and she has a good voice too! I love when artists can slow it down, it shows she doesn't think she's 100% bad ass bitch 100% of the time, and I feel the same about "Dear Old Nicki."
"Last Chance" I know is really good but I can't remember much about it right now.

All of the others I can't remember or are singles already that most of us have heard. It's an amazing album though, there's not one song I skip.

Actually... I think she said that in one of her songs...
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I'm down with Jesus, in that case.

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