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Easily the most over-hyped, will-be flash-in-the-pan artist i've seen in awhile.

1. Whats with the ****ing accents? Are you Sri-Lanken, British, Naw Leans? Pick one, but you're coming off like the sound effects guy from Police Academy.

2. I heard Lil' Wayne wrote that Monster piece for her. Truth?

3. Shes got decent flow, i'll give you that but I don't think she's got the stuff to carry an album.

4. As for the "best on the track" for her monster verse, the other people mailed that **** in. You'd be lying if you said she was better then Kayne and Jay-Z.

5. She strikes me as an artist out of time. She's really late 90's to me. The stupid amount of hype without substance, the constant talk about money, the fact that shes with Cash Money. Its a time I'd like to forget anyways.

6. I agree with her being hot. I'd hit that constantly.
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