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Originally Posted by clutnuckle View Post
This thread is bound to attract a lot of unnecessary attention from people who will claim that every radio-bound artist is a money-hungry monster, but I think the true point of the thread is quite good.

Most cover albums, if not done by those who were influenced by the band, are pretty much easy-to-spot cash-grabs.
I'm intending this to be about more general things than specific bands, although some bands will fit right in here I'm sure. I hope people will get the point.

Another example of a frequent crime against music is of course ..

Christmas Albums

There are some bands and artists that make very real attempts at making quality holiday albums, for example Carpenter's Christmas Portrait from 1978. However, most of them are probably just really hungry for a buck. Instead of catering to loyal fans, the aging rock stars you used to love have suddenly abandoned all artistic integrity in an attempt at whoring themselves to your mom and other gullibles willing to spend money on such crap. Billy Idol seen in the picture above is, unfortunately, only one example out of many.

.. And I used to think he was cool.

In the last vid, they've snuck in a bit of their hit "We're Not Gonna Take It" too - and it ends with Hava Nagila. Ugh
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