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Default Looking to upgrade equipment, advice?

Hey everyone, iv been using the same equipment and software at home for a year or so now and to be honest, its crap?

I use an Alesis Multimix16 USB 2.0 mixing desk, Behringer MS40s as monitors, and Nuendo as my production software ( im not necessarily looking to change from Nuendo but if you have any views on it or recommend a different one im all ears). I dont have a particularly good sound card as i run all this through a laptop ( your run of the mill Dell Inspiron1545) and the results i get are miserable considering the amount of money i spent originally as a student to buyy all his shiat!

I used to produce our stuff at my school - heres the kind of results we got myspace. com /citizen64music (honestly not a shameless plug, just want to show what sort of sound i want to achieve from my home set up!)

If anyone could advise me on where to go from here it would be much appreciated, im pretty knowledgable in the computer milarky apart from sound cards (which is most possibly my down fall )

Thanks again
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