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Default In Pursuit of Music

Hey all, I'm here not only as a huge music lover, but also as a friend of someone who's passion is wholeheartedly music.

The reason I post here is because there is a dilemma. Scott King, my friend, though his passion is music, is being restrained by his parents. They have forced him to take courses through highschool to direct him onto a path leading to a high-paying, more 'practical' career path.

Now, Scotty is by no means an unintelligent individual. He does well enough, and would do fine in such a career path.

But his passion would be lost.

I want to give him a real chance at music. A chance at his passion.

So, during our Christmas break here I got him over to my house where we put together a very simple recording set up. (Headset for a vocal mic, a classic rock band mic help up by a cardboard tube and a chair for his guitar, a couple computers, and an iPhone supported by a couple of books for video) and got him to just throw in covers of five songs.

Scotty doesn't just do covers, but this was the easy way to start - things that he was relatively comfortable with.

The reason I post here is because I want to give Scott the chance to show his parents he does have the raw talent to truly pursue a career a worthwhile career of music. It's not fair he should be forced into engineering or something similar when his heart is in music.

So. . I'm here asking for help. Below are the videos we made (Terrible video quality, reasonable audio) to show his talent. I understand he's got his mistakes, and he would certainly benefit from professional training, but the talent is there. So please take a look. We're looking for suggestions, comments, criticism. . . anything that will help Scott give a chance at his dreams.

You can find the videos of him on YouTube by searching 'ScottyKingMusic" All five will show up.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to post them there, or here, or pm me. Anything and everything is welcome.

Thanks for your time!
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