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Originally Posted by kurayami View Post
Hi Everyone,

My name is Mel, I'm a 29 year old woman from Australia. I'm studying a degree in Criminology at university.

I decided to join this forum to chat with others about my life long love of music. Previously I've just joined forums that are genre specific, but it's nice to be able to discuss all sorts of music. I listen to many different bands, but most of my music tastes are mostly in the pop/rock/metal genre with a few exceptions including a Japanese pop fetish and distinct liking for Josh Groban. Some of my other favourite artists include Agua De Annique, Ayreon, Queen, Metallica, Megadeth, Evanescence, Stream of Passion, Delain, Sonata Arctica, Creed, Linkin Park, Muse and Nelly Furtado.

I look forward to participating in the conversation on these boards and getting to know you. See you around!

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