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I'm not very familiar with Blind Dog, but I've given it a couple of spins while I was, admittedly, preoccupied with something else. However, I liked both Chiefs and Indians and Bobbing Wide, although how I think they compare to the rest of the songs on the album I shouldn't say before I've given it a few more spins. What I like about Chiefs and Indians is that groovy jammin' part from the middle and onwards with a nice, almost Zappaish brass section playing along. Very cool!

Bobbing Wide is a comfortable, sleepy little tune with some probing flute. Those may not stand out to most people, but I love that kind of stuff.

From what I've heard, it's a fine pop record which I intend to listen to more of. It also marks the final frontier, sort of, because their later material is largely uncharted territory for me. Looking forward to read about it, of course.
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