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Originally Posted by quincy View Post
i'm searching for a pedal for my bass guitar nut i don't know what's a good one for it. i want to play metal so i'm asking youre advice
What kind of tone are you going for? Do you want low and smooth? Tight and punchy? Distorted? Complete Sh*t (a la Fieldy from KoRn...)?

Also, what kind of bass and rig are you playing on?

In the end, you want to pick a pedal based on your existing equipment and you need to have a basic iddea of what you want to sound like. In my experiences, bass pedals are overrated. If you have a good rig that's built to sound how you want to sound, you shouldn't need one. But if you do want to use some effects, I would go with a nice digital processor, it will give you more options and will normally cost less than analog pedals.
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