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An I deal set up would be a decently powered Bass amp with 4 10"s and a tweeter or a horn built into the center of the cabinet.

Fishman makes an excellent Cello pickup, the C-100. At it's a bit spendy, but the cello has such an extremely dynamic tonal range and sympathetic resonances that capturing all the expressive details and nuances of its timbre really merits an investment of a great pickup.

An an investment in a quality large diaphragm kick drum or rack tom mic to mic the cabinet of your amp is also merited. I'm sure there are sound engineers that will want to run an XLR cable out of the bass amp directly into the mixing console. I'll save you and them the trouble and tell you it will sound like ****. The best of both worlds: A free standing condenser mic aimed directly at the instrument itself in one channel and a large diaphragm mic on the bass cabinet in another channel. Mix, chill, and serve.
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