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Question Please help me with finding the name of this song!!

Hi everyone!

Today I was hanging out with this guy and he gave me a song to listen to...I think he was trying to tell me his feelings but I don't know the name or singer of the song I only remember bits and pieces of the song and tried to find the lyrics on google hoping I can find the song but can't. Please let me know if u recognize songs from these lyrics:

1. It's sang by a female, sounds like a young singer like 25-35? and it's slow song...maybe pop not sure but it's almost like a balad?
2. lyrics include ( not exact words but gives similar meanings):

"you need me like i need you" "what happened to us" "take for granted" "love that you're mine"...

oh man I'm dying to know the name of the song!! It was my first time listening and don't recognize the singer, guessing not mainstream. I was listening to the tone and feeling of the song rather than the words. The tone was kinda sad, sort of hoping to go back to before when everything b/ us was good and now we're drifting apart but I still need you and maybe I've taken you for granted....

Please leave any thoughts or song names below thank u so much!
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