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Difference compared to what? I'd advise you that really anything cheaper probably won't be very good. (If you're buying new, that is. Obviously you can go second hand and save some money, but for a first guitar, thats not advisable since even if you do play the guitar before buying it, you'll be inexperienced and won't notice many of the things that could be problems later down the line. You also won't have warranty on the guitar if something goes wrong.)

You can pick up acoustic guitars second hand for next to nothing but a great many of them are rubbish, if we're talking about buying a half decent cheap acoustic guitar to learn to play on, then a Yamaha F310E is pretty much king of the hill.

If you want to spend more, then I can recommend you other guitars, but I wouldn't spend less unless you're going second hand, can play the guitar before you buy it, and can bring along an experienced friend to help vet the instrument for flaws or neglect.
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