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Ma Cherie 04-26-2006 05:40 PM

despairs ray - born
this is a review of the mini album born by despairs ray. it a goth rock/hard core/ hard rock mix contain eerie music and a cool theme, they truly add up to their claim as being part of "darker side of J-Rock" they rank along with malice mizer, moi~dix~mois, dir en grey and such in their sound became dark eerie music.

The intro in to the first song called BRON(not to be confused with "born from pain") where it sound both old but has the electrornic somthing to make it sound good and modern as well has hard lyrics that catch you up even if you don't understand a word their saying, the second song "Marry of the blood", starts with an eerie violin intro with a sound effect echo in the back ground follows by folling lyrics that have inspired me even, the 3rd song "murder freaks" starts out maniac and loud, fast and hard pounding, the lyrics rash and hard on the ears shouting has incurred, the third song whose title i have no current translation for starts out smooth the only "soft" so to speak song on the album it kinda slow with a melody that envelopes you and the voice like velvet and chocolate, the music is prefection almost, the final song on the album is called "Quarter Void" it has a very electronic sounding fight sceneish feel to it that make you want to get your adrenalen up, its a great song.

i give it a 8.5/10 the .5 coming from being one of the only albums i can listen to all the songs with out changing the song at all its a great album even if its in japanese, i can't understand it but they say music is universal, if so this helps prove it, it sound like it came from the west and not the east, so enjoy!

Merkaba 04-27-2006 04:44 PM

How come you listen to all this Japanese stuff? I thought you were from Germany, not that that means you can't listen to Jrock, I'm just curious is all.

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