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Husky McDump 06-10-2010 09:51 PM

Bibio - Mind Bokeh
Well Landfill is already posted here, but I would like to post my other lyrics for criticism because I am starting to get stuck with some of these ideas, and I think I'm starting to sound too generic but we'll see what you think.

blowing hot air or running in place
you can call it what you want but it all ends the same
you and i, saying goodbye
with a 6 hour car ride to think about the times
where i could have crossed your lines
where i could have crossed your lines

sometimes things gotta be ugly
sometimes the details dont always aline
several years of impatienceness and tears------(impatienceness isn't a word lol)
has brought me to this humble peace of mind

sometimes keely you gotta be ugly
oh i dont mean that literally
i guess i couldn't put together the facts
well at least i've got your hat, yeah

how i wish i could explain
all of the reasons for the rain
torn down, risen up, then called a mutt
i'm in love with life despite my **** ups

dont get me wrong
i dont mean to boast
im not mohommad, gandhi, or the holy ghost
it will take sometime to realize
that your shoes are in the mud
and your food is overdone


you can wash your shoes brand new
and you can always cook more food
if that's what you decide you wanna do
then you can go and get a job at the ****ing Cordon Blue
the only thing thats keeping you from you, is you...

At the drop of a dime I wish I could write you a line
That could sang your attention just for a second
Maybe I would say everything you wanted to hear
But usually that just turns off your ears
I talk too much, the only thing that has earned me a crush
everything laid out these strings, off key lyrics and some green
i guess i guess to much
that's my moat that keeps me from your touch
too nice, just a bit overwhelming
im writing this for you my anonymous darling
i pretend i hear you calling
peak over my shoulder to find the same (nothing)
feeling smooth..."whats your name?"
fill in my blanks
so i dont have to feel so strange
ill put my best foot forward just like any other
pray im clam and dont stutter
this is my way of introducing myself
yes i know, odd they will say
but like "they" would give me the time of day, anyways
Sum up im taking too long
the reason why i wrote this song was to ask
spend some time with me
no obligations, anything you please
damn its easy to ask when i feel this free

The captians of the finest ships will have to answer to the cold, ridged hand of nature
under their sea-coats lies the blueprints to their psychotic plans
at the sake of all of these men, at the sake of all of these men
Left out at sea
with no answer or plea
to the letters from where they live
left abandon their hopes, their wives and their folks
with their children's unpainted cribs
where do your memories go when these men fail to afloat?
those nights you lie awake
wondering where they lie in the oceans throat
[this song is not finished but i wanted to post the idea]

i know where i come from
an iron fist showed me
no resentment in my analogies
im completely filled with glee
i sure will miss you, richie
you know you meant the world to me
marble blue eyes with a hankee in his pocket
spread the kind of love anyone could drown in
no way to thank you for all that you've done
the most loved man, underneath our great sun

the apathy of your creators
was the source of all of your losses
your glazed eyes and low voice
were the only treasures that you'd inherit
left out in the open
in the cold air with time to kill
these were your invitations to change
set-backs fall in like steady rain

searching for fellowship
showed you nothing but vacant interest
my faith would be lost too
if i viewed humanity as you do

we know its deeper
than that layer streached out called skin
i beg you wont be mislead
there is much more than you know
shaking he mutters to me
a statement spoken by only those bold as he
ive grown too tired to forgive myself
sick of the hand i was dealt
i know where my roots lay
they reside in soft watery clay
i'll continue this osculating path
until my mind can erase my past

holes dug
these are my holes that are dug
no help, please no help my friend
i will see you on the other end

The Mirror Inside My Mind:
do not act like you cant hear me
im your thoughts, your dreams
the wonders between
im what enables you to dream
so dont forget who calls the shots
but your muscles are the force that twists this plot

where does your light go when you are surrounded by shadows?
im you're afraid dont feel strange
remember that im the animal inside this cage
as i write you from this mirror
i view a war between me and you
as mornings creep into the afternoon

mearly a puppet in this capitalist play
oh my mind wonders far away
currency honestly disgusts me
and yet i will forever belong with the worker-bees

colorless expressions this mirror gives

my brain talks to me
he says hello, cheers up and saddens the
maybe he isn't a he, but id like to think it ought to be
i do not control this brain
it simply has its own autonomy
there is no one i would rather meet than this mind of mine
im sure it will happen, may just take some time

[note to moderators this will my thread for my music from now on, i'll just add landfill on here later so you can delete the other posts of mine on this section of the forum]

im tired...and i'll post more later.

please give me your feedback, i have thick skin, and your ideas will only make my lyrics better.

thanks for looking!!!

Sljslj 06-10-2010 10:49 PM

I agree that your stuff does sound pretty generic (sorry), but some of the ideas are good and I would like to see more from you. I especially liked Ugly and the lines:


dont get me wrong
i dont mean to boast
im not mohommad, gandhi, or the holy ghost
it will take sometime to realize
that your shoes are in the mud
and your food is overdone


you can wash your shoes brand new
and you can always cook more food
if that's what you decide you wanna do
then you can go and get a job at the ****ing Cordon Blue
the only thing thats keeping you from you, is you...
I also liked Captain, as I wrote a nautical-themed lyric recently.

Husky McDump 09-13-2010 03:17 PM

Here are a few of my guitar lines that i have made recordings of with just a head-set mic. Nothing official but some good ideas.

Husky McDump 09-21-2010 03:29 PM

/bump : a few extremely rough, with many mistakes, recordings are linked from mediafire. let me know what you think.

thanks playazz,


someonecompletelyrandom 09-21-2010 10:01 PM

sound quality wasn't actually too bad.

Idea 1 was really nice. Your playing is excellent. Reminds me of the jams and recordings I used to do on my old acoustic, now I'm getting super nostalgic. Around 2:30 was my favorite section. I would love to hear vocals on this, maybe even a little cello here and there.

Keep it up. Will listen to more as I get the time.

Husky McDump 03-02-2011 12:22 PM

Bibio - Mind Bokeh
The newest creation from Bibio: Mind Bokeh

First time through this cd I was completely swept away. They have tracks similar to Ambivalence Avenue, but they evolved further into their complexity of their productions and explored some new content as well.

Listening to it right now...and I'm straight up melting.

Phantom Limb 03-02-2011 01:47 PM

Damn, Ambivalence Avenue was one of my favorite albums released last year. I'm getting this NOW.

Husky McDump 03-30-2011 04:45 PM

quite shocked not many people have voted on this album yet.

debaserr 03-30-2011 05:13 PM

it's ok. my favorite part is about 2/3 the way through excuses.

sidewinder 03-31-2011 06:27 PM

Definitely not as appealing as Ambivalence Avenue so far. Then again that one took about 5 spins to really strike me. This one just doesn't seem as deep, but we'll see.

One thing I don't like is that it borrows some things from AA. And rather than sounding like he was trying to tie the records together, it comes off sounding more like he has trouble coming up with new ideas.

Jury's still out, not voting yet. This rating scale is wack though. Isn't "above average" the same as good? Seems like it should just be Terrible, Poor, Average, Good, Excellent. Not Above Average.

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