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Plainview 12-15-2014 09:00 AM

John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
Post-Beatles-Breakup, Lennon was in a wild emotional state. Hounded on all sides by the press, and by the US Government in regards to his political, and very public displays, this album is a reflection of that time; it is a response to the different forces at work against him, whilst still resonating in a deeply personal and moving way.

Such concepts are accurately portrayed within the music, Lennon presenting us with both stripped-back delicacy (Love, Look at Me), and raw aggression and bitterness (Mother, Working Class Hero). Both sides of this album are cleverly balanced by Lennon, with this really acting as an insight into his mental state at the time. Elements of some of the songs (I Found Out, Well Well Well) are perhaps proto-punk, with simple, abrasive lyrics, heavily distorted and intentionally sloppy guitar lines, and a biting, screaming vocal delivery.

It is the vocals that really stand-out amongst all else, be it the howling pleas at the end of the opening track, symbolising a young Lennon longing for his parents to come back, or the soft but moving finale of 'God', in which Lennon states that his reality is not made up of the religious, political, or social figures around him, but of himself and Yoko. In this sense, the album takes us on a personal journey with Lennon, watching his anger and turmoil become shaped by his experiences with Yoko. Bravely, Lennon eschews any notion of a 'Beatles' sound, denouncing the whimsical psychedelic tendencies of his earlier work to form a sound of his own, one edgier and darker than before. It is in this that we see Lennon stand up as an artist in his own right, and with it, the rooting of his status as a music icon takes place, with this album perhaps the highlight of all of The Beatles' combined solo work.


Track List:

Side one
"Mother" – 5:34
"Hold On" – 1:52
"I Found Out" – 3:37
"Working Class Hero" – 3:48
"Isolation" – 2:51

Side two
"Remember" – 4:33
"Love" – 3:21
"Well Well Well" – 5:59
"Look at Me" – 2:53
"God" – 4:09
"My Mummy's Dead" – 0:49

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