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Karengirl 12-22-2018 05:27 AM

Metric art of doubt (2018)
Metric=Canadian indie alt/pop.


(Especially recommended for fans of Garbage and Yeah Yeah Yeah's, as well as Depeche Mode)

Art of Doubt=Metric's newest masterpiece, harkens more of a return to pushing guitars forward, i.e. Fantasies, yet coupling with Synthetica,
which should please their fans who weren't overly thrilled with last release Pagens in Vegas, which was more electronic leaning (IMO still a great release!)

While Metric combine guitars with synths, they very much sound 21 Century and don't retread 80s synthpop.

Opening Track #1 Dark Saturday (first single) urgent and forceful, lets you know Metric's brought their A-game.
Track #2 Love You Back continues the flow with strong, strident tone.

Title track #5 is harder-edged and Emily Haines' crystalline vocals pay homage to former fellow roommates, Karen O. & Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.

Tracks #4 Now or Never Now and Track #10 Holding Out are best examples of Metric's inimitable style.

Track #7 is a standout (and a personal favorite) "Dressed To Suppress" which has a slow build leading to a compelling, forceful track!

Track #12 No Lights On The Horizon closes out the album on a softer poignant note.

Art of Doubt is a natural progression and culmination of everything Metric's done, to date, and is a career highlight! If you're unfamiliar with Metric,
Art of Doubt is a great place to start and will delight and captivate fans!

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