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it writes itself... Blog Tools
Creation Date: 11-24-2007 02:11 PM
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i write a lot and i have some feelings toward certain things...
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In Sad theres a place for everyone... Entry Tools
  #8 New 12-01-2007 07:33 PM
if you ever feel like you dont belong.

or if you feel like you were put into this world for the wrong reason. remember that there is always one place you can go. your mind.
your mind is the only thing that will listen to you.
and let you look back on everything.

it will create stress and anger.
but thats what it does.

and if your life isn't what you want.
and if you know it will never get better in time.

take thoughts and put it into lyrics.
it helps.
it truly helps...
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In Angry emo Entry Tools
  #7 New 12-01-2007 01:48 PM
what exactly is "emo"
most people find it believable that cutting yourself and sitting in your room listening to crappy From First To Last is "emo"
others say getting your lip pierced and having an emo fringe is "emo"
other think that if you say you're "emo" you're "emo"
even if you write sad poetry people consider you "emo"
there are so many things that people beyond stupidity say what "emo" is.

what i find funny is when/if you're "emo", and somebody calls you "emo", you're like "im no ...More Read More
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In Sad morewriting... Entry Tools
  #6 New 11-30-2007 09:08 PM
You believed you could change me but you didn't

you pretty much had me in a grasp
of what i thought what a deadly and slow beginning
than it lead to a story of hurt.

it involved you with your screaming and hatred
toward one you used to love and charish
and hold with you forever.
with the changes
you've reacted much differently than i had hoped.
you brought upon me something that i dont think i will recover from
or ever forget.
i dont believe i ever asked for your words
when i to ...More Read More
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In Angry tongue piercings Entry Tools
  #5 New 11-30-2007 08:50 PM
i dont understand them
what the hell is the deal with them.

i mean they cause pain, you can't eat spaghetti with them and its just gross.
there is a plus,
its fun to makeout with someone with a tongue ring because it feels all bally and stuff.

but i still don't like them
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In Angry the law against Gay marriage Entry Tools
  #4 New 11-30-2007 06:16 PM
first off.
i hate George Bush for passing this law

because im always reading in archives that people should love anyone and be who we want to be. shouldn't that mean we should marry who we want to marry.
i mean a man and a woman can marry, why cant a man and a man or woman and a woman.

its not fair.
i would go to war to bypass this law.
i would even let myself die if it were to lead to make it legal for gay people to marry.

i'd be one of those people who would marry.
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In Music it's odd but...true Entry Tools
  #3 New 11-30-2007 04:15 PM
before this year and the end of last year, my taste in music was a little....iffy.

i came out last year and i've seen and other people have seen that my taste in music has completely went the other way. which is a good thing.

i used to LOVE
Rise Against
Arch Enemy
Dimmu Borgir
and so on....

I have fallen in love with:
Sigur Ros
Bright Eyes
Elliott Smith
Belle and Sebastian
and the list goes on.

I love indiefolkrock<3

im happy it's happened.
but it just seems lik ...More Read More
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In Angry some things are better left unsaid Entry Tools
  #2 New 11-24-2007 02:25 PM
why do people in this universe like to hate on people who are different?

i mean come on. were all human beings here. it doesn't seem right that discrimination is legal.
it shouldn't be.
im willing to go to the end of the earth just so i could make it a law that you can't discriminate.

because i've gone through it. i'm sure everyone who has come out and who's different has gone through it.

don't you agree?

its not something big to most people. but when it affects feelings of certai ...More Read More
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In Angry Poetry ™ Entry Tools
  #1 New 11-24-2007 02:14 PM

the day i return back,
is the day i let my life go.
i won't turn back to what you want.
i'll always be what i want to be.
and always follow what i believe.

change is not a big thing i do.
you can't force it.

it's only when i think all is good,
when you come in and ruin it all.
you destroy what i want,
you destroy what i love.

you can't always do this.
it doesn't follow at all.

just stop.
stop the yelling you do.
that you think will change me.

...More Read More
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